April 17, 2016

Sawyer’s Dream at O’Gara’s 07/25/15


Fun Facts:

-First ‘official’ show with new members Buster Broughten (bass), David Kolar (keyboards), Bria Torgeson (vocals), Julia Balestriere (vocals), and Chelsea Kerrison (vocals). There was a show at The Narrows in Orono, MN a few weeks earlier, but it had limited promotion and was intended as a dress rehearsal for the O’Gara’s show.

-The band Daniel closes the night, playing after Sawyer’s Dream. This band is notable for being founded and fronted by future Sawyer’s Dream vocalist Daniel Olson.

Set List:

  1. 1. Intro/Guess Who’s Back in Town
  2. 2. Only Time Can Take My Dreams Away
  3. 3. Movie Star
  4. 4. Downtown
  5. 5. Keep Me on the Line
  6. 6. Tears of Sorrow
  7. 7. Early Warning
  8. 8. Off in the Distance
  9. 9. Love is on the Way
  10. 10. Rock ‘n Roll, Country and Soul
  11. 11. They Were Dreamers
  12. 12. I Know This is Right
  13. 13. City Morning Sun