April 17, 2016

Sawyer’s Dream at O’Gara’s 01/16/16


Fun Facts:

-First show for Daniel Olson on vocals. He joins the band after the departure of Chelsea Kerrison, only a few weeks before the show.

-Bria, in a fit of inspiration, decides to unleash a barrage of fake bird feathers on the stage at the end of show opener ‘Dream for the Summer’. This is the first time the rest of the band has heard of this plan.


Set List:

  1. 1. Intro/Dream for the Summer
  2. 2. Cold Shoulder (Criticize)
  3. 3. Useless Foolish Pollution
  4. 4. Don’t Sing Those Sad Songs
  5. 5. South Pacific Nights
  6. 6. Open Flower
  7. 7. Those Were the Best Times
  8. 8. Shoulder to Cry On
  9. 9. Take it from Me
  10. 10. Perfect Solution
  11. 11. Heart with Two Wings
  12. 12. They Were Dreamers
  13. 13. Move to Rock ‘n Roll
  14. 14. Four Leaf Clover
  15. Encore- City Morning Sun