April 17, 2016

Sawyer’s Dream at Fine Line Music Cafe 03/18/16


Fun Facts:

-Sky debuts his custom homemade guitar with a light up fret board.

-In a night fraught with technical difficulties, David’s keyboard amp (Roland Jazz Chorus) stops working halfway through the first song, Bria’s mic signal cuts in and out due to a faulty mic cable, and the guitar cable for Sky’s light up guitar doesn’t work.


Set List:

  1. 1. Intro/Guess Who’s Back in Town
  2. 2. Cold Shoulder (Criticize)
  3. 3. Useless Foolish Pollution
  4. 4. Early Warning
  5. 5. Don’t Sing Those Sad Songs
  6. 6. Keep Me on the Line
  7. 7. Move to Rock ‘n Roll
  8. 8. Love is on the Way
  9. 9. Take it from Me
  10. 10. You Don’t Know What You Do to Me
  11. 11. They Were Dreamers
  12. 12. City Morning Sun