What People Are Saying

Special thanks to the people who love our record “Another Perfect Afternoon”. Don’t take our word for it. What people are saying about Sawyer’s Dream:


Infectious, soulful, textured melodies along with thoughtfully crafted harmonies, the modern sound and nostalgic sensibilities of Sawyer’s Dream are sure to stay in your consciousness, and may even enter your dreams.”

Keith Johnson
WVIC Radio / WDGY Radio
New Victoria Productions
Minneapolis, MN

I love Sawyer’s Dream. They have an amazing sound, excellent instrumentation and great vocal harmonies. They are an all-around great band!”

Benjamin Raye
93X Radio / KQRS Radio
Minneapolis, MN

SEE THIS BAND! Sawyers Dream is a breath of fresh air, with awesome harmonies, great lyrics and intelligible vocals all backed by a super tight band, Sawyers Dream makes for an entertaining and engaging event for all. The passion they have for music is honest and infectious! Not to mention that they are just a “Dream” to work with!”

Peter Greenlund
Live sound and show production lead instructor / IPR
F.O.H. “Commodores”
Willie Nelson, Highwaymen

Having worked with many national acts myself, I can honestly say Sawyer’s Dream certainly deserves to be in that category. I saw them live and they completely blew me away!”

Dick Roby
The Castaways, The Mamas & the Papas, Peter Noone, Brian Hyland

Another Perfect Afternoon’ sends you weaving through textured harmony vocals and exciting dynamic melodies!!!”

Vlasis Pergakis
Brule’- guitarist

Love this band! The perfect mix of 70’s nostalgia mixed with state-of-the-art production and contemporary lyrical sensibility. Solid musicianship all the way around and lavish, multi-layered vocals drive home memorable melodies that will stick with you even after the first listen. Very unique and highly recommended!”

Open Flower

Monique Blakely’s vocals impress from the first note. This woman can belt with the best of them. When combined with the gorgeous melody that is Open Flower, this song finds a unique place of its own somewhere between Kelsea Ballerini and the Mamas and the Papas.”

Love Is On The Way

One helluva happy, feel good song with a lush vocal melody reminiscent of a young Christie McVie with more soul. I love the syncopated guitar riff at the end of each chorus. It brings me back to an era when musicians were highly skilled, technical players, yet still were able to retain the human component that is so desperately missing from most contemporary music.”

Four Leaf Clover

If the Doobie Brothers, Abba, and Kansas had a baby it might sound like Four Leaf Clover. Awesome!”

Those Were The Best Times

This song recalls days gone by yet avoids sounding sad or bittersweet. It’s a celebration of the best of times… an ode to all of your favorite bands from the 70’s without being derivative.”

Gerald Brunskill
Director / Producer / Composer / Person
Wow and Flutter Media Group
Los Angeles, CA