New Album

Another Perfect Afternoon - album cover

Produced by Stephen Helvig & Sky Athmann

After two years in the making, Sawyer’s Dream is thrilled to be releasing their long anticipated full-length album “Another Perfect Afternoon”. Inspired by the vocal harmonies of bands such as the Mamas & the Papas, ABBA and Fleetwod Mac, Minneapolis based Sawyer’s Dream is a unique cross-blending of Americana, Pop, Rock, Country and R&B. Featuring powerhouse female lead vocals and intricate four-part harmonies, “Another Perfect Afternoon” offers the listener a modern take on the classic sound of the 60’s and 70’s, focusing on themes of love, life, dreams, the natural, and the supernatural.


1. Guess Who’s Back in Town
2. Cold Shoulder Criticized
3. Movie Star
4. Open Flower (listen on SoundCloud)
5. I Know This is Right
6. Don’t Even Know Your Name
7. Four Leaf Clover (listen on SoundCloud)
8. I Can’t Believe That You Were Mine
9. Another Perfect Afternoon (listen on SoundCloud)
10. Move to Rock n’ Roll
11. Early Warning
12. Those Were the Best Times (listen on SoundCloud)
13. Are You Going Downtown

Local Release Date: September 2018
National Release Date: January 2019
Label: Loud Folk Records
Distributed by: MVD Audio, a division of MVD Entertainment Group