Sky Athmann

Sky Athmann – Rhythm Guitar, Songwriter, Vocals

Sky Athmann, the “Anthem Man,” is a walking paradigm of the 1970’s and a Tom Sawyer of the twenty-first century. This curious singer, songwriter, musician, producer, instrument repair extraordinaire, and overall “musical genius” is on a journey to recapture the timeless essence of his childhood era and share the magic in song, with an extensive original library of music, exceeding into the thousands.

Sky and his guitar rock stage right rhythm style. Inspired by the sounds of Simon and Garfunkel, the Mamas and the Papas, Bread, and Fleetwood Mac he has taken his music to an entirely out of this world experience. With intricate vocal harmonies and complex instrumental arrangements his songs become ageless anthems that feel like reconnecting with a long lost friend. For this experienced hippie it’s better late than never and if it means taking a backseat in performance to spotlight his greatest love, his music, he will follow the dream. He knows too well about the “time trap.” There is no leaf left unturned or flashing light in the sky left unexplored in his music. Through all his research on life and beyond there are some things based on shocking evidence that can be concluded. Yes, Elvis is still alive and no, the moon landing wasn’t real.

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