Buster Broughten

Buster Broughten – Bass Guitar

Buster Broughten first started playing music in elementary school by means of violin. However, in high school Buster got in a mild altercation with the police. Said altercation prompted Broughten’s parents to force him to pick a new hobby with which to occupy his time, and the bass guitar was Buster’s hobby of choice.

Since high school, Buster’s violin playing has gone by the wayside, but the principles of precision and music theory that are prevalent in classical violin-oriented music, live on in his style of bass playing. Additionally, Buster’s Father (Randy Broughten from the Gear Daddies) is a massive Beatles fan, and thereby exposed Buster to The Beatles’ entire discography throughout the bassist‘s life growing up. Thus, The Beatles are a significant influence on his playing style. Other influences include Muse, Kasabian, FLO, the Bee Gees and a bit of metal music.

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